4K offers a variety of tools and applications that can be used for tracking outreaches.  Through Google Earth, customized software, mobile devices, and GPS technology, reaching the unreached can become a reality.

Omega Zones & People Groups

Published by 4K and IMB, this Excel spreadsheet allows you to filter Omega Zones and People Groups of interest.


4K Outreach Training

We encourage everyone, whether you’re in one place or many, to pray and do research at an Omega Zone level.  This Powerpoint gives basic steps and ideas on how to contribute your information to the Omega Zones.


“Understanding 4K” Workbook

An easy-to-use coloring workbook for understanding the 4K and Omega Zones concepts…includes map exercises.


Omega Zone Outreach Survey

In coordination with Operation: John, we aim to document the physical and spiritual needs of Omega Zones.  This information is to be returned to the 4K office to be distributed as a resource for future teams.


Google Earth Prayer Flyover

This program is designed to fly between Omega Zones using the Google earth platform.  The user can customize their Omega Zone tour in a variety of ways.


Photo KML tool

Software designed to create KML files from your geo-tagged pictures.  Also allows you to export to Google Earth in batch folders and give captions to each photo.


Omega Zones KML

These regional KML files allow you to view Omega Zones on interfaces like Google Earth and Google Maps.  Click on an Omega Zone and get basic information on that zone.


Outreach Tracker

Software designed for tracking and documenting long and short-term ministry activity.  Allows you to specify Country, Omega Zone, Date, Team Type, Latitude/Longitude, Ministry Types, and other Notes.  Creates Excel tables and Google Earth files of your journeys.