World population

Seeing the World and
Responding to its Needs


What is 4k?

Tracking the world’s physical and spiritual needs through Omega Zones, for the entire Body of Christ to use.


Our Vision

To see the world and respond to its needs, to see where we are and where we are not, and to reach the all and every.



Using population, existing political divisions, and availability of the Gospel as factors to create a mapping framework of approximately 4,000 (4K) Omega Zones.


Using 4K

Training, prayer tools, and various map resources made available to help Christian workers to strategize and mobilize.

What is 4k?

Omega Zones are used to target the needs of the world. Before using the 4K framework, it would be helpful to understand the key concepts of how Omega Zones are formed…



A nations’s population is key to deciding how an Omega Zone is formed.



Existing geopolitical divisions determine the boundaries of an Omega Zone..



A nation’s ABC status gives ‘availability of the Gospel’ information, which determines the population threshold for an Omega Zone.


Spiritual Life Needs

At an Omega Zone level, we look at the spiritual needs, like percent evangelized, number of Christian workers, etc.


Basic Life Needs

At an Omega Zone level, we look at physical needs, like access to clean water, infant mortality, etc..


Total Human Needs

Combining spiritual needs, physical needs, and population, we see where there are more needs, more people, and less Gospel.

Our Vision

4K is a global mapping project aimed at responding to the world’s spiritual and physical needs more strategically. With the vision of reaching every person on Earth, 4K has created a framework called Omega Zones. The world always has roughly 4,000 Omega Zones, hence the name 4K.
In this Information Age of technology, the use of maps to track Gospel presence and basic life needs will make  the task of reaching everyone on Earth a reality.  Through the Omega Zone mapping grid, Christian workers will have a better understanding of where we are and where we are not. Every person on the planet has needs, whether they are spiritual or physical. Using 4K, the global task at hand will be more apparent on a map, and the Body of Christ will be better equipped to mobilize its resources.


The Omega Zones were created to make the task of completing the Great Commission more manageable. When looking at countries, there’s not enough detail to target people’s specific needs. When looking at cities, the task is too large and overwhelming. The Omega Zone framework helps aggregate the small details without losing them.
Omega Zones are created using countries’ populations (gathered by the United Nations’ most current census data) and the Availability of the Gospel ‘ABC’ classification of nations (formulated by World Christian Database). Existing geopolitical divisions are used to create the shape of the Omega Zone, so that the boundaries are not random or unfamiliar to people.

A nations

If a nation is classified as being ‘A’, it has little to no availability of the Gospel (North Africa, Middle East, Central Asia). ‘A’ nations may not have an Omega Zone with more than 3 million people.

B nations

If a nation is classified as being ‘B’, it has medium availability of the Gospel (parts of India and China, central Africa, southeast Asia). ‘B’ nations may not have an Omega Zone with more than 6 million people.

C nations

If a nation is classified as being ‘C’, it has high availability of the Gospel (Americas, Europe, Oceania). ‘C’ nations may not have an Omega Zone with more than 9 million people.

Using 4K

4K is designed to serve anyone called to participate in reaching the world with the gospel. 4K is designed to provide strategically relevant information to everyone from the individual responding to a call to missions organizations and denominations planning large-scale strategic initiatives. 4K provides support in taking the gospel to all people, to all places and into all spheres of all societies.


  • Research: collecting, using, uploading, downloading research for Omega Zones according to your ministry focus (ie. Omega Zone research on children, women, clean water, etc.)


  • Tracking: using GPS and/or mapping software to track locations of both long-term and short- term ministry activities throughout the world


  • Prayer: through over-sized floor maps, wall maps, or special Google Earth software available, pray for the Omega Zones around the world!


  • Strategize and Mobilize: by simply using the Omega Zone concept as a primary framework for organizational strategy, you will have a better idea of how to manage people and resources on your team/in your ministry


  • Training: several training options are available in 4K.  Video-conference training sessions; 4K workshops at conferences, classes, or other missions/church events; mapping seminars where people can learn how to make advanced maps; future extended education in the areas of mapping and research